St Paul’s has around 20% of the island’s population living there, making it the second most populous district (after Half Tree Hollow). Housing areas include New Ground (a westerly extension of Half Tree Hollow), Cleugh’s Plain, Guinea Grass, Rosemary Plain, St. Paul’s Village (surrounding the cathedral), Luffkins, The Gumwoods, Kunjie Field and many other smaller settlements. And yet very little of the island’s history happened here. No battles were fought here; the Dutch invaders in 1672 passed through it; nobody significant landed at Lemon Valley and no great political decisions were taken here.




Nowadays the island’s main leisure facility is here: Francis Plain, an area of land adjacent to Prince Andrew School that was levelled by the Royal Engineers in 1979 and is now the island’s only cricket and football pitch and athletics field. It is also used for major celebrations.

Lemon Valley is a popular swimming and recreational area, best reached by a short boat ride from Jamestown and therefore included in many Dolphin-watching trips. There’s even a song about visiting there.




Key attractions within St Paul’s include: Plantation House, home of the Governor of St. Helena and (arguably more importantly) also of Jonathan the tortoise, probably the world’s oldest animal; Prince Andrew School, the island’s secondary school. St. Paul’s Cathedral, the island’s only cathedral church; and the Boer Cemetery.