A bit of planning is required when travelling to St Helena Island.  Here is some general travel information about some of the key information of which you should be aware.  Details about the voyage on the RMS St Helena can be found on that section of the website.


Click here for all relevant documentation and contact details you need to receive the necessary visas and permits when you want to visit the  island.


Before leaving for the island you should arrange travel, personal accident, medical insurance and baggage insurance to cover the journey.  You will be asked to produce proof of medical insurance by the immigration officer if you intend to stay longer than 48 hours. Please remember to have it with your passport.


A fee of £17.00 is payable for all visitors disembarking at St Helena, persons under the age of 12 are exempted from this fee.  Permission to stay on a short term entry permit will normally be issued for a period of up to 183 days, those persons wishing to stay for more than 183 days should apply for a long term entry permit.   For further information on immigration matters you can visit http://www.sainthelena.gov.sh/immigration-2/.




Visitors envisaging a stay of over three months should apply for an entry permit, which can be issued for a period of up to five years.   Applications for an entry permit should be submitted to the Secretary of the Immigration Control Board, and if granted, visitors will be required to pay a fee of £30.00 per annum.  For further information, please contact the Secretary of The Immigration Control Board:   Tel. + 290 22470 Email:              cofcouncils@sainthelena.gov.sh


St Helena is not a duty-free port and visitors arriving at St Helena may bring with them the following:   Duty Free Allowance:

  1. Spirits, strong liqueurs over 22% volume 1 litre and wine 2 litres or 12 x 340ml bottles/cans of beer/lager
  2. Perfumed spirits and toilet water not exceeding 250 ml
  3. Cigarettes not exceeding 200, or
  4. Other tobacco goods not exceeding in total 250 grams

If you are under the age of 18 years you cannot claim the duty free allowance of spirits and alcoholic liquors, as indicated above, and if under the age of 16 years you cannot claim the duty free allowance of cigarettes and other tobacco goods.


Firearms and ammunition unless accompanied by a valid licence.

Obscene items or pornographic literature and films

Fruit, vegetables and plant material unless accompanied by an import licence issued by the St Helena Biosecurity Service, and in compliance with the specified import health standards.

Animals unless accompanied by a licence issued by the St Helena Biosecurity Service.

Further information can be obtained from HM Customs: Tel: +290 22287 Fax: +290 22949




It is important to make arrangements well in advance of your departure date if you wish to bring animals, fruit or vegetables to the island. The law prohibits the importation of honey, animals, plants, fruit and vegetables without prior approval and documentation from the St Helena Biosecurity Service. Further information, import health standards and import licence application forms are available at http://www.sainthelena.gov.sh/st-helena-biosecurity-service/ or from the Agriculture and Natural Resources Division on tel +290 24724; fax +290 24603.


The local currency in St. Helena is the Saint Helena Pound (SHP) which is linked at parity to the British Pound (Sterling; GBP). The £ symbol is used. Notes and coins are similar in denomination and appearance to their UK counterparts. Banking services on St. Helena are provided by the Bank of St. Helena from whom further information may be obtained.


The weather on St. Helena is one of the island’s more unusual features. It can be sunny and calm in one place, and wet and windy only a few miles away. Summer runs from (roughly) November through to May, with temperature roughly between 18C – 30 all year round.


Electricity on St. Helena is delivered at 240 volts, 50Hz through a British standard 3-pin plug. Adaptors for other plug types and voltages are sometimes available but it is more reliable to bring your own.

IDD, Facsimile, Telegram and Internet are all available. Phone booths are located in Jamestown and the country districts. Collect calls are possible to South Africa, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Ascension Island. Credit calls (AT&T cards only) are possible to USA, Canada & United Kingdom.  The country code for St Helena Island is +290.  Beware although there is Internet available is speed can vary and is not very fast by world standards.

Mobile phone service is available on the island, provided by Sure South Atlantic.


There is a bus service for the island, with limited services during the day, check the timetable when you arrive on island.  There is also limited taxi services.  It is recommended if you are planning a longer stay to hire a car from one of the many hire car services.  You can contact the tourism office for assistance enquiries@tourism.co.sh