Alarm Forest is located between the districts of Jamestown and Longwood, being desirable because it is higher than Jamestown, and thus cooler in summer while remaining warm in winter, with easy access to Jamestown, and is much less crowded than Half Tree Hollow.

Located within Alarm Forest are a number of historical sites and attractions.  When Napoleon Bonaparte first arrived on the Island in 1815 he stayed at Briars Pavilion (within the Briars area of Alarm Forest), before moving to Longwood Wood later in December 1815.  Also within Alarm Forest is Napoleon’s tomb at Sane Valley (Valley of the Willows), enclosed with a fence surrounded by flowers and pines. Both of these are owned by the French Government, which means that a substantial part of the district is actually French property.


The district contains the Heart Shaped Waterfall (one of the 7 Wonders of St Helena), whereby you can enjoy a pleasure stroll to the base of the waterfall.  Also within Alarm Forest is The St. Helena Distillery, which has a visitor centre for those interested in the production of “Tungi” (a spirit made from local prickly pear fruit) or discover other locally made spirits.




There are a number of settlements within Alarm Forest – The Briars (home to Sure South Atlantic’s headquarters, which includes the satellite dishes that are the island’s link to the outside world) Seaview, Two-gun Saddle, Hunts Vale and Alarm Hill, in which Alarm House is situated. The district lacks a community centre or a school, and has only a few small shops.

Believed to be named after Alarm House, a prominent building on the hillside. Prior to 1692 two guns were stationed here which were fired to raise the alarm whenever unknown ships were sighted in James Bay.  It is the only district of St. Helena with no coastline.