You get Levelwood either from Sandy Bay or from Hutt’s gate (at the main JamestownLongwood road). Levelwood is on the southwest side of the central peaks of the island, and the road passing through it is the road which zigzags all around the peaks, and which also serves as the border of Diana’s Peak National Park.

Coming from Hutt’s Gate, you enter Levelwood district at Woody Ridge, where an old flax mill is located. Continuing on, the first sign of Levelwood’s main settlement is the building of the former first school, which was closed in the early 1990s and is now a Community Centre. Then you will pass the clinic (refurbished in 2011), before reaching the Silver Hill turn-off. This is where both the Levelwood shop and the Silver Hill bar are located: the centre of the settlement. Taking the turn-off, you pass through an area with quite a few houses before the road turns into gravel at the place which gave the district its name. Continuing on the road to Sandy Bay, scattered houses can be found and the start of a number of walks, for example to Great Stone Top which is a landmark of the area.



Rock Rose, Forest, Levelwood, St Helena Island

Rock Rose Forest

A curious feature in the district is the Bellstone – a rock which, when struck, rings like a bell. Legend says the ringer is granted a wish. Although curious, it is rarely visited, probably due to the long drive necessary.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are very strongly represented here, though their main place of worship is in Half Tree Hollow. There is no Anglican church so services are held at the Community Centre.

In 1987, there was hardly any electricity in the district. Electricity was only connected to the Rock Rose area in 2009.

One of the island’s more famous ruins, Rock Rose, owned by Solomon & Company, is on the edge of Levelwood village.