St Helena is ideally located as a midway port on cruises between Cape Town or Walvis Bay, the Falkland Islands and South America and the Caribbean.  Cruising on St Helena dates back to Union Castle days, and since then has remained small-scale, however interest in cruise visits to St Helena is growing. Our cruise ship season starts from October and ends in April.

Can download the cruise ship schedule for this season from here.

When permitted by the cruise company, our St Helena tourism representatives go on board each cruise ship to provide a ‘meet and greet’ welcome and information to passengers. A St Helena tourism information point is located at the seafront to welcome and provide an information service to all visiting cruise ships.



There is no breakwater in James Bay, all visiting cruise ships drop anchor in the bay and passengers are tendered ashore via the ships lifeboats to the landing steps.  A unique experience for all!

The largest ship to ever call at St Helena was the Queen Mary 2, in 2010.

For all information on visiting cruise ships to St Helena, please contact Solomon’s Shipping Office, St Helena: