St Helena offers so much to do.  Here is are recommendation of the  top 10 things to do on St Helena.


Meet Jonathan

Estimated to be between 170 and 200 years old, Jonathan is St Helena’s oldest Saint, and possibly the oldest living land creature in the world!

A national treasure Jonathan is one of several giant tortoises that live in the grounds of Plantation House. Thought to have arrived on the Island in 1882, in lives at Plantation House with David and Emma (who arrived in 1969), and Myrtle and Fredrika, (arriving in 1972).

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Jacob's Ladder, St Helena Island

Go on a tour with Mr George

Mr George runs Magma Way Tours,  offering historical town walks, the Castell Collection, and botanical and scenic tours. With his specialist knowledge and humor, Mr George gives an insight into St Helena and the people of this remarkable island.

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Jacob's Ladder, St Helena Island

Walk Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder is a run of 699 steps, up from Jamestown in the floor of the valley to the fort at Ladder Hill on the western valley slope. It is one of the 7 Wonders of St. Helena and one of the first things you see when arriving into James Bay.  Walking it is an amazing experience.

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Go Dolphin and Whale Watching

St Helena offers the chance to see dolphins in the wild and at arms length is a rarity and should not be missed. Watch them cavort and dance as nature intended!

Whales are common around St. Helena, and can often be seen from the island. If you are lucky you may be able to get close to one.  There are many operators who offer dolphin and whale watching tours.

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Diana's Peak

Climb to the top of the Cloud Forest

Known as Diana’s Peak National Park, Diana’s Peak is is highest place on our island.  It offers stunning views across the St Helena.  Primarily an area for natural wildlife, 393 invertebrate species which have been recorded on the Central Peaks, 217 of which exist only in St. Helena, representing more than half of the total number of species across the whole Island.  The National Park is made up of 3 summits – Diana’s Peak, Cuckold Point and Mount Actaeon.  All of which you can walk to quite easily.

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Longwood House, St Helena Island

Visit Longwood House

One of the 7 Wonders of St. Helena, Longwood House was the residence of Napoleon Bonaparte, during his exile on St. Helena from 10th December 1815 until his death on 5th May 1821. Situated in the district of Longwood, it offers a fantastic Museum and it beautiful place to visit.

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Heart Shaped Waterfall, St Helena Island

Walk Heartshaped Waterfall

One of the Seven Wonders of St. Helena.  This is the most loved waterfall on St Helena, it runs mostly in the winter and early spring, fed by the winter rains. In summer it is frequently dry.  Owned by the St Helena National Trust, you can enjoy a pleasant afternoon stroll from Jamestown, under the shade of some trees and refreshing breeze at the end.

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Eat some Coconut Fingers

Coconut fingers are a traditional celebration cake.  It would be unthinkable to for any St Helenian celebration and there not be any coconut fingers.  Usually iced in pink, they are a sponge cake covered in coconut.  It is delicious!

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Explore the Museum of St Helena

The museum is managed by the Saint Helena Heritage Society. It is housed in a late-18th-century stone building, formerly the old power station, at the foot of the hillside stairway, Jacob’s Ladder, in lower Jamestown. It offers a complete and fantasising insight into the long history of St Helena.

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Visit the St Helena Distillery

The most remote distillery in the world, the ‘St Helena Distillery’ is one of St Helena’s secrets.  The distillery uses German-made Holstein spirit distilling equipment imported and installed in 2006 and is run by Head Distiller Paul Hickling. Offering a selection drinks, each tasting great.

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