St. Helena Island has a 9-hole golf couse (you go round twice) in Longwood, just around the corner from Longwood House. There is a club house for that all important 19th hole banter and refreshments.  The course allows a strong amateur to give an average professional a good game because the ground conditions are not exactly to international standards. The fairways are of  weedy and patchy, loose and friable volcanic earth, the sand bunkers are compacted sand, the course is used for grazing goats and is home to a growing number of endemic wirebirds, and a public road crosses four of our fairways, so precision golf usually has to give way to consistency flavoured with a bit of luck.

Anyone can play – just contact the club to make arrangements. You can even borrow some clubs and there is a warm welcome for visiting golfers with the Open Championship is fiercely contested every year.

You can get more information the the club’s website at →